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Learn to Program

July 05, 2020

This is a meta page where I will add resources to be better at software engineering. The name is inpired from a page that I used to keep few years ago at my old blog.

Recommendations - June 2020

  • This educative.io course will not make you security engineer but will hammer in some important things to get started
  • Linuxacademy is a very good resource if you want to get into cloud, devops. The website has hands-on labs which is usually missing from many online learning materials. They also have an active community slack channel which can be good to clear things out.
  • This pluralsight course - Python Beyond the basics will help you improve on your python skills. Do this if you are frustrated with the many Intro to Python courses.
  • If you are looking to take notes be sure to try out Obsidian or Roam Research. Linked notes are much better than hierarchichal notes and these two make it easy to take linked notes. Currently, Roam Research is more polished than obsidian.md but is a paid resource. If you starting to take notes then Notion can be a free resource. It is very versatile although when it comes to linking it falls behind Roam and Obsidian

Written by Aseem Bansal You should follow him on Twitter